The 12 styles

To help make navigating design simpler, we have created a system that identifies your individual taste and matches it to a design style. The Laminex 12 Styles were created by our experts analyzing key styles and design trends and defining them into specific categories. The intent is to narrow down the many choices we have to offer and filter our products to suit your specific tastes. By aligning your taste with one of these styles, you can find the products to suit you and your budget.

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Laminex Design Trends

Design Trends

Join us to explore the latest happenings from the world of design. We’ll help you discover future trends, product inspiration, design concepts and more.

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Laminex News, ideas and updates

Design Blog

Explore the latest products, event roundups and practical how-to guides. Hear from Laminex, along with designers, customers, tradies and product manufacturers, and get inspired to take your project to the next level.

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